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i am amused, really :3
Hey there! :) I... am... back! XD

I am a girl, gonna turn 19 this end of July. A multimedia design student in my local university. :) A fanfic author/arashian/learning designer/manga-anime freak by night! lol XD

Check out my fanfics guys, the link is at my devious info :3

Im an avid fan of manga & anime since I was 8-9 years old.

As you can see, my ultimate OTP is Athrun Zala & Cagalli Yula Athha. Asucaga RULES!

I watch and read a great variety of Manga/Anime. You name it!

Examples of my old time fav are GateKeepers, Ranma 1/2, Pokemon, Code Geass, Naruto (though now im not that updated with the latest chaps anymore), Gundam Seed, Gurenn Lagaan, Kindaichi Case Files, Honey & Clover, Ultra Maniac, Bleach, GTO, Doraemon, Macross Frontier, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note, Tower of Druaga, Gakuen Alice, Detective Conan, School Rumble, You are under Arrest, Katsu!, Lovely Complex, Strobe Edge, Kaze no Stigma, Itazura na Kiss, VK (only because i LOVE Kaname, Ichijou and Aidou :), Air Gear, Bakemonogatari, Nodame Cantabile, Eyeshield 21, Bakuman, Ouran, DGrayMan, Hana Kimi, Draqon Quest, Dragon Ball, Yuyu Hakusho, Yakitake Japan, Shaman King.

Many of my fav male chara are Athrun Zala, Saotome Ranma, Morita Shinobu, Zack Fair, Lelouch Li Brittania, Namikaze Minato, Yzak Joule, Dearka Elthman, Kamina, Takishima Kei, Saiga Yahiro, Edward Elric, Shinichi Kudo, Otani Atsushi, Sano Izumi, Kannagi Kazuma, Kuran Kaname, Hiruma Youchi, Suoh Tamaki, Kirishima Yuuta, Kusanagi Kunihito.

And many of my fav female chara are Sheryl Nome, Tifa Lockhart, Ikusawa Ruriko, Cagalli Yula Athha, C.C, Uzumaki Kushina, Elizabeth Middlleford, Temari, Fatina, Kuchiki Rukia, Yoko, Yamamoto Megumi, Koizumi Risa, Haibara Ai, Kannagi Ayano, Hojo Kuniko.

I am also a gamer since Mario times, and my fav are Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy 7 and 8 ( currently waiting for the FF13Versus, Noctis FTW!), Harvest Moon, Persona 3 & 4

I am also a die hard fan of Harry Potter. The books.

Lord of The Ring is one of my favourite movie ever! Im a movie lover!

I watch Japanese drama series, TVB and very few TW dramas.

Friends, the sitcom, is my ultimate fav series ever. How i met your mother, 30Rock, Modern Family and few more others are LOVE.

Music is <3 I love a variety of songs :3 I am a proud Arashian! <3

Currently and forever will ship

ATHRUN & CAGALLI (Gundam Seed) - I am seriously addicted to this lovely awesomest couple ever! Foreverrr!

Namikaze Minato & Uzumaki Kushina (Naruto) - Aside from my beloved Asucaga, this is also my current OTP :3 LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Childhood lovers FTW!

Alto & Sheryl ( Macross Frontier) - Ahh, their relationship is really really LOVE. Ranka, shoo ranka shoo! *kicks ranka out of the not-even-exist-love-triangle*

Naruto & Sakura (Naruto) - I actually used to ship Sasusaku back in 2005-2007. But now, i want Narusaku more than anything :')

Ciel & Elizabeth (Kuroshitsuji) - This pairing really makes me go 'dokun dokun'! This couple is love!

Kunihito & Kuniko (Shangri-la) - I swear they are like one of the cutest otp ever! I cant believe there's not a single fanfic exist =.=

Natsume & Mikan (Gakuen Alice) - Seriously, awwww! Their scenes are so extremely kyaa-ing!

Ruka & Hotaru (Gakuen Alice) - Please please i really hope they ended up together :') I think they will be an excellent couple!

Lelouch & C.C (Code Geass) - YES PLEASE. This pairing is effing cool and extremely sweet at the same time. Dang, im all teared up now remembering their awesome scenes ;A;

Tsukimori Len & Hino Kahoko (La Corda Doro) - You know, the cliche one, but still, adorable :3

Ichigo & Rukia (Bleach) - I'll kill a tissue if they didnt end up together, go away Orihime hahaha ;D

Morita & Hagu ( Honey & Clover) - This pairing is pure gold! WHY OH WHY HAGU WHYYYY ;A;

Ren & Kyoko (Skip Beat) - SERIOUSLY, KISS ALREADYYYYY! =.=

Cloud & Tifa (ff7) - Awesome couple is awesome! Childhood lovers ftw!

Zack & Aerith (ff7) - I'll give you a mountain of cookies if you didnt cry or at least went sober at their scenes. ;A;

Ukiya Shun & Ikusawa Ruriko (Gatekeepers) Ahh, my first love! The first anime couple I shipped :')

Current Residence: Malaysia. One day, ORB or Gryffindor's common room or Alice Academy:p
Favourite genre of music: Depends
Favourite cartoon character: Athrun Zala, Sheryl Nome, Namikaze Minato, Morita Shinobu, Cagalli Yula Athha, Lelouch Li Brittania
Personal Quote: "seriously? like, ...seriously?!"


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aliaistiqomah Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013
Same here! I can't believe it too, there's no fanfic Kunihito x Kuniko T___T I already search in google but...
I hope there's someone out there, make fanfic about them as soon as posible T___T I'm really want to read it
yobutakei Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2011
Hahahaha welcome back~ :iconloveloveplz:
Jung-SODE Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2011
thank you for watching me!
Sined-Style Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2011   Digital Artist
Thx for the fav' :D
gavrieel Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the fave :)
morphodoll Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2011
11KairiMayumi11 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Um, Hello, :wave: Welcome to :devart:

I'm a FanFiction writer too , and I'm really happy to meet you here in DA.

Thanks for reviewing on, Different Perspective! :squee:
hira-nera Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011
HEYYYY! oh my, i know you! XD heheh. Im your fan at! XD

Im reaaaaaally happy too to meet you!

Im still new in DA, i wonder how you found me!? XD

Oh no, thank YOU for creating such beautiful fics for asucaga! hehe <3
11KairiMayumi11 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a fan... :blushes:

:aww: I'm happy to meet you, too! :squee:

I found you in the group I just joined in. Then I recognized your name and visited your profile.

I always remember my reviewers, because you guys are important to me. :dance:

It will help me to greatly improve my writings. :love:
hira-nera Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011
wow you have very good memory then! :D Ahahaha my name is easy to remember right? lol XD

i know right :') me too. My readers are very very important to me too :'D

its been a while since I last updated my fics. writers' block =.= ;A;

plus, my college life is so extremely stressful i cant afford to write fics for now ;A; T-T
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